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Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to Bovation Aircraft Sales Australia, these are our terms and conditions for use of our network.

This website allows you to browse aviation products for sale and also sell aviation products. Bovation Aircraft Sales Australia holds no responsibility for persons or aircraft, Bovation Aircraft Sales Australia is only responsible for being the online platform, allowing you to Browse and Advertise aircraft.

Bovation Aircraft Sales Australia, will collect and store information you provide only. By signing up to the website, you agree to allow your given details to be published and posted on our network.

Bovation Aircraft Sales Australia, charges a fee per chosen time frame by the account holder, persistently until you log on and cancel your ad subscription. No refunds are provided under any circumstances (Including if the listed item is sold before the end or cancellation of subscription or if you change your mind).

You can cancel any subscription at any time you like, by logging into your account and using the ‘My Orders’ section in your account.

(These terms and conditions, are subject to change at any time, without notice)